Navigation is a process for ascertaining position, planning & following a route and directing & monitoring movement from the current to a desired location.

Alignment is where Key business drivers are linked together to ensure focus, ownership and accountability are given to priorities.

Optimization is achieved by focusing energies on critical thinking by using External and Internal Realities to develop strategies, processes and risk mitigations, then monitoring and adjusting execution as things change.

Benefits are realized by exploiting Upsides minimizing Downsides, anticipating change and having the Agility to move quickly.

Overall Benefits

Develop, Monitor and Manage Strategic Plans.
Manage all Classes, Categories and Types of Risks
Manage Projects that support Strategic Initiatives.

Strategy Benefits

Optimise Shareholder Value by identifying and executing opportunities, by Improving Decision Making & Agility, Visually Managing Strategies, Plans, Forecasts and Execute Strategies through Projects.

Navizone’s Strategic Resource Management TM Platform has been architected and engineered to deliver powerful way of developing, executing and monitoring Strategic activities..

Risk Benefits

Being able to view and manage Global Risk and Compliance is a major competitive advantage for any organisation. When this capability is coupled to alignment with Strategic activities and Dynamic risk Assessment, Risk Management becomes a key asset to the Navigation of any business.

Project Benefits

By linking Project Management to Strategic Management an Enterprise can focus on key priorities and ensure that only strategic activities are executed. With stronger ownership and accountability and agility, management can deliver the right activities on-time and on budget.

Central control of Portfolios of Projects with Dashboard Navigation enables all stakeholders to stay up to date.

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